YouTube Spotlight: Accented Cinema, Little Trouper and Wawawamei

My Asian Drama Addicts chat group (that is actually our chat group name =P) was discussing the YouTube algorithm and how we sometimes seem to receive the oddest out-of-nowhere recommendations, while other times we get suggested videos that feels like YouTube is reading our chat!

I ignore most of the recommendations, but occasionally will click on a clip if the title or thumbnail piques my interest. And that’s how I discovered the following three YouTube channels.

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OST MVs: Our Times, Worm Valley, GO Into Your Heart and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

I have a YouTube OST playlist (because so many songs are not on Spotify!) that I cast to my TV while I work. This is not always a good idea as I sometimes end up watching the MVs and re-immersing in the drama while engaging in a karaoke session =P.

There are so many OST MVs to share! Below are the most recent OST MVs added to my playlist.

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C-Drama Spotlight: My Fated Boy

With so many C-dramas dropping every week, my “To Watch” list is ever growing with more dramas added than removed. Throw in variety shows, donghuas, K-dramas, the occasional TW-drama and limited time, this ultimately means that I’ll miss out on some great dramas.

If drama fate deems it fitting, an overlooked drama will somehow pop up on my radar. My Fated Boy《我的邻居长不大》is one such drama. I had initially passed on this drama because the cast was either uninteresting (female lead Sierra Li 李溪芮) or unknown to me (the rest of the cast), and I had been disappointed with other older woman and younger man romance dramas (looking at you Find Yourself and Something in the Rain).

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