C-Drama Spotlight: My Fated Boy

With so many C-dramas dropping every week, my “To Watch” list is ever growing with more dramas added than removed. Throw in variety shows, donghuas, K-dramas, the occasional TW-drama and limited time, this ultimately means that I’ll miss out on some great dramas.

If drama fate deems it fitting, an overlooked drama will somehow pop up on my radar. My Fated Boy《我的邻居长不大》is one such drama. I had initially passed on this drama because the cast was either uninteresting (female lead Sierra Li 李溪芮) or unknown to me (the rest of the cast), and I had been disappointed with other older woman and younger man romance dramas (looking at you Find Yourself and Something in the Rain).

I noticed the positive buzz for the drama and decided to check out the first episode. Then ended up finishing this romantic dramedy within a week. I’m happy to report that the OTP romance is sweet and romantic to the end, and the plot does not derail into dog blood melo territory. Hurray!

My Fated Boy is the sister drama to My Neighbour Can’t Sleep《我的鄰居睡不著》with both dramas produced by Beijing Lion Fish Culture Media Co. 北京狮子鱼文化传媒有限公司 and screenplay by Hu Meng 胡梦. The connection is more apparent with the Chinese title as it also starts with “My Neighbour” and roughly translates to “My Neighbour Won’t Grow Up”.

Both dramas exist in the same fictional universe where My Neighbour Can’t Sleep is repeatedly shown on tv as the current hit drama that many of the characters are watching. There is also a hilarious meta cameo by Wang Zi Xin 王子鑫, reprising his role as Xi Song 席颂, who is now the actor Xi Song that portrayed the male lead character in the drama My Neighbour Can’t Sleep.

In a nutshell, the drama is about the romance between two childhood friends who reunite as adults, with the younger man as the pursuer who has been harbouring a crush since forever. Possibly since birth =P.

My Fated Boy – Sweet Compilation MV

Lin Yang (Sierra Li 李溪芮) is older than Lu Zheng An (He Yu 何與) by 7 years and it first appears that she sees him as the annoying younger brother she never had. She’s the workaholic executive assistant and he’s an up and coming singer-songwriter. They seem to be worlds apart without any reason for them to become romantically involved. Until he shows up at her most vulnerable moment and she breaks down at the sight of him. For Lin Yang to show this side of herself was the first indication of how important and special Lu Zheng An is to her.

My Fated Boy – The Reunion

The childhood flashback scenes at the beginning of each episode gives us insight into the foundation of their relationship and serves as a diary of Lu Zheng An’s progression from childhood adoration to friendship and eventually falling in love with Lin Yang. These scenes are charming, hilarious, nostalgic and heartwarming all at once. The flashback from episode 26 had me alternating between laughing and crying.

My Fated Boy – Episode 26 Flashback / Separation

The drama also goes against the cliché drama tropes. The list below is reason enough to watch the drama.

  1. No loathsome parents! Both sets of parents are loving and supportive with some of the best parent-child talks I’ve seen in a C-drama.
  2. No conniving-manipulative-evil second female lead (though one character was obsessive for a bit =P).
  3. The female lead is cool, savvy and rational THROUGHOUT the drama. Except for when she’s fangirling over Xi Song (understandable and relatable IMO).
  4. The male lead does not have OCD! He is sweet, friendly and easy going. He’s the boyfriend/husband every girl should have.
  5. The OTP DOES NOT break up.
  6. The OTP DOES NOT have misunderstandings.
  7. The OTP TRUSTS each other.
My Fated Boy – The Best C-Drama Parents x 2!

And below is a list of the other great reasons to watch the drama.

  1. The romance is sweet, funny and realistic.
  2. The OTP has great chemistry with sweet affectionate moments and emotionally charged intimate scenes.
  3. The OTP get together by mid drama instead of near the end.
  4. The characters actually communicate and discuss issues. OMG! *gasp*
  5. The wonderful sismance between the trio of girlfriends is one of the best female friendships in a C-drama.
  6. The great supporting/side characters are hilarious, developed and relevant.
  7. It’s a slice of life drama as well and addresses issues of workplace equality and societal expectations of women.
  8. Satisfying end to the drama that’s not rushed or forced.

The OST for the drama is also worth mentioning with a few songs used very well throughout the drama. In particular, I like all the songs written and performed by Zhang Yanfeng 張燕峰, with his songs featured as the songs written and performed by Lu Zheng An.

My Fated Boy – OST Playlist
  • 00:00 -《长不大的你》(You Who Won’t Grow Up) – 张燕峰/刘君池子 (Zhang Yanfeng/Liu Jun Chizi)
  • 05:05 -《你是我眼里的星光》(You are The Star in My Eye) – 谣君 (Yao Jun)
  • 09:12 -《也好》(Also Good) – 赵晨唏 (Joy)
  • 12:32 – All About You – 潘虹 (Pan Hong)
  • 15:44 -《你脸红红的》(You’re Blushing) – 左其铂 (Zuo Qibo)

Waiting For You by Zhang Yanfeng is front and centre in this scene where Lu Zheng An is performing his new single at his first press conference. The song is written and performed for Lin Yang as she realizes he’s no longer the little boy that followed her around.

My Fated Boy OST – Lu Zheng An Performing Waiting For You

Zhang Yanfeng’s《愛上你》(Fall In Love With You) is the perfect song for this intimate scene. The lyrics are romantic and the music sets the mood.

My Fated Boy OST –《愛上你》by Zhang Yanfeng

I really enjoyed this drama and highly recommend it. The drama hits all the right spots for romance, friendship, family and comedy. It may not be a leave-you-in-a-show-hole kind of drama for everyone, but definitely one that will leave you with a happy smile on your face.

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